Comparing two pictures

Автор: Винокурова Наталья Александровна
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Тема: Comparing two pictures
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Comparing two pictures

Comparing two pictures

Методическая разработка


Винокурова Наталья Александровна

Comparing two pictures

Comparing two pictures

Study skills


State the main subject/problem both photos

refer to.


Don`t spend too much time to describe one

photo in details. Mention object, place,

activity, feelings. Use Present Continuous.


Comment on similarities and differences

between the two photos.


Give your opinion, preferences at the end


Justify your opinion, give examples

Comparing two pictures: Useful phrases

Comparing two pictures: Useful phrases

Both photos show/have to do with

In the first photo there is/are…

In the second photo I can see…

In both photos the people are…

What both photos have in common is…

One similarity is that…

However, there are some differences between the pictures.

The picture on the left is more… than the other one.

The situation shown in picture one is more/less… than that in picture two.

Another important difference is that …

The man/woman/place in picture one seems/appears to be more/less …

It looks as if…

He/she must/may…

He`s probably…

In contrast, the people in the other photo are…

We can imagine…

The atmosphere in the first picture/ the second photo/ in both photos is rather/quite…

Personally I believe that…

This situation may cause/lead to…

To solve this problem we shouldV

Instead of Ving, we should V

Comparing pictures

Comparing pictures



Both pictures show wild extinct animals.

In picture A we can see a tiger in a cage. It is lying and staring somewhere. It looks relaxed and calm.

Picture B shows a tiger in a savanna or rainforest. It is sitting on a rock, looking around. In contrast this animal looks a bit


In both photos the tigers are having rest. We can imagine that the animals have just had substantial meal.

However, there are some differences between the pictures. The tiger in picture B is in its natural habitat. He looks more

energetic and alert, because it takes much energy to survive in wild nature. Tigers have to hunt for food and be careful of


The tiger in picture A is kept in the zoo. It seems to have proper upkeep, food and medical care. This tiger is rather sleepy

and passive. The cage might be too small for such a big animal.

Personally I believe that taking wild animals off their natural habitat may be harmful. Firstly, animals are trapped in their

cages. They are not free. Very often there is not much space for them to keep fit. Moreover, animals may suffer from noise

and stress as many people come to see them.

On the other hand, keeping wild animals in the zoo may help save endangered species from extinction. Another point is

that there are a lot of educational programs at the zoo. Visitors can see unique animals from different parts of the world in

one place and learn more about them.

No doubt , keeping wild animals in the zoo may be both advantageous and disadvantageous. In my opinion, though,

people should find balance between saving animals from extinction and keeping them off their natural habitat. Creating

more national parks can be a great solution.

Compare the pictures using the

Compare the pictures using the

given phrases and the example

given phrases and the example



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