Страноведение на уроках английского языка в старшей школе

Автор: Тупикова Галина Вениаминовна
Должность: Учитель английского языка
Учебное заведение: МБОУ Тяжинская средняя общеобразовательная школа №1 имени Героя Кузбасса Н.И.Масалова
Населённый пункт: пгт.Тяжинский Кемеровской области
Наименование материала: методическая разработка
Тема: Страноведение на уроках английского языка в старшей школе
Дата публикации: 15.09.2020
Раздел: среднее образование



I live in Tyazhin. It is a small town in the North of Kemerovo region.

Tyazhin is an administrative, cultural, financial centre of Tyazhin district.

We live in an agricultural district; there are few industrial enterprises in

Tyazhin and in Itat, and a lot of agricultural farms of different kinds of property in

the villages. The location of our district has some advantages; Transsibirian






connecting the West and the East of

our country go through our district.

The territory of our district is 3.500

square kilometers; the population is

about 35.000 people. There are no

mountains in our district and it is

very convenient to grow wheat and

vegetables on the fields. There are

some lakes and rivers. The longest

rivers are the Tyazhinka and the


The real treasure of our district is forest (taiga). First of all it gives work to

wood factory; it exports wood to other countries. Many people gather berries, nuts

and herbs, pick up mushrooms. Hunting on some animals is allowed in autumn and


And now some words about the climate of our district, we have long and

rather cold winters and short summers with few really hot days, for agriculture it’s

not very good but the nature is really beautiful in spring and autumn.

Our district boarders on Tisul and Mariinsk districts of Kemerovo region

and Krasnoyarsk region.

Tyazhin started as a small railway station in the end of the 19


century. So it

is not very old, in the museum which is situated near the railway station you can

learn the history of our place.

Now Tyazhin is ordinary district centre of our region. The population is

about 12.000 people. In the centre of Tyazhin there are two squares, Lenin Square

and Victory Square. Lenin square is a popular place, young people spend their time

sitting on the benches near fountain, walking, roller-skating and riding bicycles.

Administrative buildings, district library, music school are also on Lenin Square.

You can see many flowers in summer and trees planted by veterans and famous

people of our town.

All meeting and parades are held on Victory square; here you can see the

monument to soldiers of Great Patriotic War. This monument is a modest copy of

the monument in Berlin to Russian Soldier. We are proud that the citizen of our

town N.I.Masalov, who saved small German girl, inspired sculptor Vuchetich to

create this monument. N.I.Masalov died some years ago, but we remember him,

our district library is named after him, there is documentary film and books about


There are some industrial enterprises in Tyazhin: Road building ent., Beer

plant, wood factory, milk plant and others. Milk plant has interesting history; its

sweet canned milk was popular not only in our region.

There are tree secondary schools, agricultural college, music school, art

school, sport school and children’s centre in our town. So children can get

education and develop their abilities.

District hospital, several drugstores are located in the centre, and people can

get necessary medical help.

In the centre you can see three and five storied buildings and many private

houses; their owners decorate them with wooden ornaments and flowers in


A lot of new shops, supermarkets were opened recently.

New beautiful church changed the centre of our town, and now we can hear

its bells every Sunday.

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